Judge Education

Seminar: Judging the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Fee: Expenses
Seminar with or without live exhibits can be modified for 1.5 - 4 hour slots.
Availability: Please contact

Kennel Visits for Conformation Judge Education Purposes

Fee: No Charge
Availability: April to November - weather permitting. Please contact.
Puppy / Dog Evaluation

Litter Evaluations

Litters will be evaluated for structure, movement and breed-specific characteristics. We recommend the evaluation take place at or near 8 weeks of age. Our specialty is Chesapeake Bay Retrievers however we are willing to evaluate other medium to large sized breeds but will focus mainly on structure and movement.
Fee: $250 + Travel expenses if required
We are also available to administer your choice of temperament testing where a stranger is required.
Fee: $100 / hour

Conformation Evaluation

Individual evaluations of physical strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the breed standard.
Fee: $40 / dog