Judge Education

Seminar: Judging the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Fee: Expenses
Seminar with or without live exhibits can be modified for 1.5 - 4 hour slots.
Availability: Please contact

Kennel Visits for Conformation Judge Education Purposes

Fee: No Charge
Availability: April to November - weather permitting. Please contact.
Puppy / Dog Evaluation

Litter Evaluations

Litters will be evaluated for structure, movement and breed-specific characteristics. We recommend the evaluation take place at or near 8 weeks of age. Our specialty is Chesapeake Bay Retrievers however we are willing to evaluate other medium to large sized breeds but will focus mainly on structure and movement.
Fee: $250 + Travel expenses if required
We are also available to administer your choice of temperament testing where a stranger is required.
Fee: $100 / hour

Conformation Evaluation

Individual evaluations of physical strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the breed standard.
Fee: $40 / dog
We are currently accepting only dogs we have bred and their housemates for boarding. Service for other dogs is temporarily unavailable. Check back late summer 2020. We have limited boarding space available for vaccinated, parasite-free dogs.
Fee: $30 / night + $15 for additional dog
Member* Fee: $22 / night + $10 for additional dog
Co-owned dogs: up to 5 nights / year FREE!**
Availability varies. Book early to avoid disappointment.
*Member rates are for dogs purchased from North Shore Kennels and their housemates.
**5 free nights per calendar year are available for co-owned dogs. Days cannot be carried over to future years nor transferred to another dog or owner. Free boarding offer has no monetary value.